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Teletalk Corporate Prepaid & Postpaid Tarrif Plans

Corporate sector of Bangladesh is thriving rapidly and demands of people connected to corporate sectors are changes as per global demands. To stay connected with people within the country and outside the country is one of the key demands of corporate people. Read more »

Comparison Between 3G And 2G Prepaid Internet Plans Of Teletalk

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is offering its 3G Mobile Internet Service with the name 3G Broadband Service. The tariff of 3G Broadband service is different for prepaid users as compared to 2G mobile internet service tariffs for prepaid users. Read more »

Teletalk Postpaid 3G Plan and Mobile TV Service

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a renowned public limited cellular company in Bangladesh. With its particular aim of emphasizing common people in terms of providing high profile services at low rates, it is also famous as “Amader Phone” in whole country. Read more »

Teletalk Prepaid 3G Service Packages

Just after the completion of promise about providing 3G services to its subscribers, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has introduced amazing discount 3G service packages especially for its prepaid subscribers. Read more »

What are Teletalk Prepayment and Postpayment Options

If you are the subscriber of Teletalk Bangladesh and want to learn about the payment options offered by Teletalk to its prepaid and postpaid subscribers, this is the right blog for you. Teletalk offers two payment options with the names Prepayment and Postpayment. Read more »

Teletalk Prepaid and Postpaid Packages and Tariff

Teletalk is the short name of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited that is ranking number 6th among all other telecommunication service providers in Bangladesh. The services of Teletalk in Bangladesh are GSM based mobile telephony services or Corporate Services like prepaid and postpaid services as well as EDGE based mobile internet service across Bangladesh. Read more »

Teletalk Plans to Launch 3g Phones

News about Teletalk 3G launching policies are on-air everywhere in the country. There are many rumors also existing about the launching date of Teletalk. Some sources are saying that Teletalk is near to launch its 3G technology for its subscribers. Read more »

How to Activate Internet on Teletalk

Teletalk Bangladesh is a state-owned cellular service provider and is successfully providing all mobile facilities to its subscribers except 3G technology yet. However, the procedure of getting license for providing 3G service is on the way. Read more »