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Telkom Smart City: 20 Big Cities Are On Hit List

Telkom offers some innovative services for the Indonesian people. The company offers some new technologies as well and Smart City is one of them. Read more »

Telkom Indonesia: TV Service With A Difference

Telkom Indonesia offers a wide range of service for its customers. One of them is the TV. The company has given it the name UseeTV. Read more »

Telkom Internet: Fast Speed Internet Options

Like all other companies Telkom also offers fast speed internet for the customers. This internet service is named as “Speedy” by the company. Read more »

Telkom Plans and Packages

Telkom is the oldest and no doubt, largest cellular service provider in Indonesia with dual nature means it state-owned  and semi-privatized mobile company at a time. it serves its customers with many types of plans and packages like internet, fixed line telephony service and data communication. Read more »