How to Add Minutes and Get Free Airtime for Tracfone Wireless

Tracfone Wireless shortly known as Tracfone is the famous telecommunication network in United States. No doubt, the services of Tracfone Wireless are limited to only prepaid mobile plans. However, there are many cool opportunities just with these prepaid plans and te most prominent among all these is getting free airtime for Tracfone Wireless. Tracfone Wireless offers many outstanding rate plans to its subscribers under various categories like Straight Talk, Safelink, NET 10 and TracFone. Under each category, there are different types of offers and plans in terms of getting free phones and even free airtime. If you are looking for such package that offers you to add free minutes and avail free airtime as well, you can take help from the following blog. Here is the full description of method to add free minutes and free airtime for Tracfone Wireless.

There are two reliable ways to add free minutes and get free airtime for Tracfone. The first one is purchasing a “Double Minute Card” and the second is Buying Double Minute Active Phone. Here is the detail of these two methods.

1. Double Minute Card

Double Minute Card from Tracfone allows you to add double minutes on your phone on every recharge. For getting this option, you must get some promote code for adding double minutes or free airtime on your phone. These promo codes are available in different options that permit you to enjoy not only double minutes on every recharge, but also some free promo code airtime as well.

2. Double Minute Active Phone

Choose your favorite Active Phone from official site of Tracfone that is offered with free minutes or free airtime. Here again there will be some promo codes in front codes in front you that are best in terms of getting free minutes within the limit 20-50 as well as free airtime as per limit of your selected promo code.

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