Belgacom Internet: Packages And Advantages

Proximus and Belgacom are the two names, which represents one of the leading cellular companies of Belgium. The company is considered as one of the most popular cellular companies in the country. Begacom offers a wide range of service for its customers, internet is one of them. Here we are discussing packages and advantages of Belgacom internet.


We will talk about the advantages first. If you have a fixed internet connection of Belgacom, you can use it for your mobile as well and you have to pay no extra cost for this facility. You can use internet anywhere, with just one home internet connection. This internet connection offers great speed, which you want from an ideal internet connection. Moreover, you can store your important things, like files, photos, videos and other stuff in Belgacom cloud, which offers 10GB of storage. You can access this cloud from any device, no matter its PC, tablet or your smartphone.


Belgacom offers some great internet packages for its users. These packages include mobile internet, fixed internet and much more. The details of these packages are given below.

  • Internet Everywhere Start: in fixed internet the package offers 100GB every month, with 30Mbpps downloading speed and 3Mbps uploading speed. Mobile internet offered in this package is 50MB per month. For every extra MB, customers will be paying € 0.10. Belgacom cloud space is 10GB. Customers will get 1 mail box and 5 email addresses. This package is available for € 25.50 per month.
  • Internet everywhere comfort: The package offers 150GB per month with 30 Mbps downloading speed and 4 Mbps uploading speed. 3G or 4G volume in country is 100MB every month. Each extra Mb will be charged at € 0.10. Belgacom cloud space is 10 GB and 4 mail boxes with 5 email address are also part of this package. The price of the package is € 36.95 per month.

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