Orange Go Europe, Go World and Unlimited Roaming Options

Today, the competition among cellular companies has become very tough especially in developed countries. In Switzerland, the worth and popularity of Orange Mobile is obvious thanks to its highly caring packages not only for the people within the country, but for the people have frequent travelling abroad.  Normally, no choice is being left for the people travelling abroad but to purchase the SIM Card from destination country. Most of the cellular companies do not offer their service in various countries due to limited network. However, Orange Mobile is an international telecom company and it does not disappoint its customers even outside the Switzerland. The best thing is that, the call and SMS rates of Orange Mobile in abroad are very economical. In this regard, Orange Mobile offers three different options that are Go Europe, Go World and Unlimited Roaming Options. Unlimited Roaming Options allows you to get most of your money with Orange. You can also compare the offers such as unlimited minutes as a replacement for 200 minutes, unlimited SMS as an alternative of 200 SMS and 500 MB roaming data as a substitute of 200 MB roaming data in Europe.

Go Europe Go World
5.-/month 15.-/month
Travel zones A and B Travel zones A – E
Calls to Switzerland & Europe and local calls in your destination country: 0.40.-/minute
Incoming calls: 0.40/minute
SMS to anywhere: 0.15/SMS (Receive SMS free)
10MB free to check emails, then buy data if you need more:
10 MB / 3.–, 50 MB / 9.–, 200 MB / 20.–
10MB free to check emails, then buy data if you need more:
10 MB / 10.–, 50 MB/ 30.–, 200 MB / 100.–
Calls to a country in Travel zones C – E: 2.-/min.

Unlimited Roaming Options

Subscription Unlimited Roaming + Unlimited Surf Roaming
monthly cost 135.–
including an iPhone 5S
roaming minutes and messaging included
in Europe
unlimited minutes
unlimited SMS
roaming data included
in Europe
500 MB
check it out for yourself

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