Comparison between ONE OF THE and THE FIVE Plans of Yoigo Spain

In case of ONE OF THE Plan, for new and lofty portability, you have to pay only half i.e., 3.63 €.1.21 cent per min. For national calls to landlines and mobiles, you have to pay 18.15 cent within 24 hours every day. You can use just € 7.26 / month for call setup 600 MB high-speed HSPA +. This package renews automatically during the same day for each month i.e., at 10am. Every time, you get € 7.26 balance. If you have less than € 7.26 balance per day, we will do the renewal from that day and during the time you have them. Moreover, you can achieve another 600 MB to use in anticipation of the next monthly renewal. When we might not do the renewal, the internet price becomes € 1.45 per day to speed up to 384 Kbps. By triumphing over the MB high speed, it is decreased to 64 kbps with no extra charge. If you want it for € 2.42 you be able to hire additional 200 MB high-speed HSPA + up to exercise within a month. The MB high speeds MB not used in a period and do not accumulate to the after that. No IP telephony or P2P such as Skype, Viber etc. are acceptable. Just 12.10 cent for text messages to national level and international level are used. Similarly, 36.30 cent are charged for multimedia messages at both national and international level with absolutely no registration fee.

In case of THE FIVE category, just 6.05 cent / min national calls to landlines and mobile phones are used for 24 hours every day. Similarly, 18.15 cent charges for calls charges and 12.10 cent charges for text messages both at national and international stages are being charged. On the other hand, 36.30 cent are being applied for multimedia messages both at national and international levels. Moreover, Internet charges are € 1.45 per day at speed limit up to 384 Kbps or IP telephony P2P are not permissible at all with no minimum use, no compulsory reloads and no fees.


Rate Card

7 26 € / month Vat Incl.

National calls to mobiles and landlines

1 21 Cent / Min Vat Incl.

High Speed ​​Internet to HSPA +

600 MB

First month half price.


National calls to mobiles and landlines

6, 05 Cent / Min Vat Incl.

No Minimum Consumption

No Fees

No Obligatory Recharges

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