Kangaroo Package: Mobile And ADSL In Reasonable Price

Orange company offers some great packages, which are suitable for all kinds of customers. Internet and mobile phones are so common these days, that everyone needs a package, which includes mobile and ADSL, both. Kangaroo is the great package, which offers mobile and ADSL. It is further divided into other packages, which are discussed below.

Kangaroo maximum savings: This package offers 1 GB internet and 150 minutes. The actual price of this package is 41.95 euro per month, but with 20% discount the price will be 33.56 euro per month. It also includes the VAT.

Kangaroo to talk without limits: With 20% discount the price of this package is 43.16 euro per month, while the actual price is 53.95 euro per month. It offers 2GB of data and unlimited calls to all networks.

Kangaroo additional lines: You can get more lines for your home, if you need for your family. You can get 4 more mobile lines, according to your needs. This package can control your spending. You can get 500MBof data and calling rate will be 1 cent for every minute. The price of this package is 6.95 euro per month. In current month, if you will get first line, you will get this package for one year.

Kangaroo to save: This package offers 1GB of internet and 150 minutes.  The price of this package is 10.95 euro per month but in month of August the price of this package is 6 euro per month, which also includes VAT.

People, who need mobile and ADSL for home, should take the advantage of these packages. These packages are cost effective and economical. If you need more information about any of these packages, customer care centers of the company can help you. You can also call the operators and get the answers of your questions.

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