M1 Singapore DIY Plan – Customize Your Plan

It is the fact that nothing could be more appealing for the people than customizing their mobile plan. Not all the mobile phone companies offer the facility of shaping the mobile phone plan. However, M1 Singapore takes care of its subscribers in terms of this exclusive offer. Now the users of M1 mobile in Singapore have the opportunity of shaping of their mobile phone plan as per their requirement and usage. Business people can mold the plan in cheaper call rates, while students can reshape their plan with bundles of free sms. Similarly, domestic users need such plans which can help them in calling at similar network. On the contrary, corporate persons feel the need of frequent calling without consideration of taking care about different networks. All these options can be easily availed by means of M1 Singapore. The procedure is also not very difficult. You have just to get the DIY Plan of M1 Singapore. After getting the plan, the remaining procedure is quite simple. Let’s have a look on the procedure of customizing the plan by means of DIY offer of M1 Singapore.

DIY Plan

At first, select your favorite add-on and then visit any M1 Shop to tailor your plan. The rest of the steps are discussed in the following lines.

Step 1: Start with DIY Basic Plan
Monthly Subscription $16.05
Free Outgoing Calls (min)
(Local voice and video)
Free Local SMS/MMS 150
Benefits All Day Free Incoming Calls
Per Second Billing
Step 2: Add on as many options as you like
Standard Add-ons
100 mins Talktime + $10.70
300 SMS/MMS + $10.70
100 Global SMS + $10.70
Caller Number Display & Caller Number Non-Display & Multi-SIM + $16.05
2-year Handset Contract + $10.70
Roaming and International Calls
Free IDD 021 Calls to 19 Destinations + $5.00
Roaming Subscription & Roaming Data 6MB + $30.00
50 mins Free IDD 021 Calls to Philippines/ Indonesia & 50 Global SMS + $15.00
Love to Talk Add-ons
Unlimited Calls to 5 M1 Friends + $10.70
500 mins to M1 numbers + $10.70
250 mins Weekend Calls + $10.70

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