Play Offers Tariff For Poland Visitors

Every country has visitors, but some have more number of visitors like Poland. A large number of Asian people visit Poland to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the snow. To cater the needs of visitors, Play has introduced some great packages. They are cheap and its really easy for the visitors to keep in touch with their family and friends, back home. Here we are discussing some packages, which Play offers for the Poland visitors.

Play on Card (standard): Play on Card is an economic package, as far as the standard version of the package is concerned. The price of this package is 5 zt only and it offers unlimited SMS and calls to all Play numbers. For other networks rates are really low. If you want to change your package to Play on card, standard, you have to dial * 163* 6#. The details of the package are given below.

Basic rates Top-ups Outgoing calls Incoming calls
0 zł Cost per minute and SMS to Play network 5-9 zł 5 days 65 days
0,29 zł Cost per minute is the other networks 10-24 zł 10 days 70 days
0,09 zł Cost per SMS is other networks

25-49 zł

30 days 90 days
0,12 zł Internet usage (per 100 kB) 50-99 zł 100 days 160 days
100-300 zł 150 days 210 days

Play on card, I like it: This is another vesion of Play on card, which is called as “ I like it”.  It offers calls to all networks for just 0.29 zt and SMS for just 0.09 zt. You will pay the price for your use only. The details of the package are given below.

Basic rates Top-ups Date bonuses Outgoing calls Incoming calls
0,29 zł Cost per minute to all networks 5-9 zł 50 MB 5 days 65 days
0,09 zł Cost per SMS to all networks 10-24 zł 200 MB 10 days 70 days
0 zł Internet usage (per 100 kB) 25-49 zł 500 MB 30 days 90 days
50-99 zł 1.5 GB 100 days 160 days
100-300 zł 3.5 GB 150 days 210 days

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