Sun Cellular Broadband Internet Prepaid Vs Postpaid Plans

Sun Cellular is the commercial or common name of Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) that is a leading telecommunication company in Philippines. It is a subsidiary of Digitel and was founded in September 2001. There are lots of cool bundle plans, offered by Sun Cellular under the heading of broadband internet service both for prepaid and postpaid subscribers. To know the difference between prepaid and postpaid plans and to compare the prices of both prepaid and postpaid broadband internet, offered by sun cellular, just look at the following lines.  Here is the true comparison of latest broadband internet plans offered by Sun Cellular. You can pick any one plan just in accordance to your need and requirement.

Sun Cellular Broadband Prepaid Plan

Regular Load SBW25 SBW50 SBW100 SBW250
Price Php10 Php25 Php50 Php100 Php250
No. of Hours 30 minutes 3 hours Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Validity 2 hours 24 hours 24 hours 3 days 7 days

Sun Cellular Broadband Internet Postpaid plans

Affordable Plans

Plans Plan 649** Plan 799 Plan 299*** Plan 350 Lite*** Easy Broadband 799*** MyWifi Plan 495 Anti-Bill Shock Plan 350
Burstable Speed 3.6 Mbps 3.6 Mbps 3.6 Mbps 3.6 Mbps 3.6 Mbps 3.6 Mbps 3.6 Mbps
Usage Allowance Unlimited 45 hours ***** 60 hours ***** Unlimited 60 hours ***** 60 hours ******
MSF PhP 649 PhP 799 PhP 299 PhP 350 PhP 799 PhP 495 PhP 350
Modem Charge FREE FREE Php888 (Optional) Php888 (Optional) Php888 (Optional) P150 (MyWifi device, optional) FREE
Holding Period 12 months None None 3 months 24 months 12 months
One-Time Huawei B200 Router Charge (Optional) Php1500* Php1500* Php4600 Php4600 Php4600 N/A PhP 4600

* Holding period is 24 months for the Huawei B200 router bundle
** Must have a Sun Regular Postpaid Plan
*** ID Only Plans. No necessities needed
**** Under 18 months holding period, comes with FREE Huawei D100 Router
***** Customer may load up with any of our Sun Broadband Prepaid Loads to use the service beyond the usage allowance.

****** Beyond 60 hours of usage, additional P10 per hour will be acquired. Usage further than 125 hours/P999 is free, so having a maximum monthly cost of P999.

Sun Broadband Netbook Bundles

Plan One-Time Charge MSF Speed
Plan 799 Php11500 Php799 3.6 Mbps
Plan 2000* FREE Php2000 3.6 Mbps

Both under 24 months holding period
*MSF will become P1,399 after 24 months.

MyWifi* bundles!

Plan Holding Period One-Time Charge
Bundle Plan 649** 12 months Php2299
24 months Php549
Bundle Plan 649 Loyalty** 24 months FREE
Plan 799 12 months Php1999
24 months FREE
Plan 799 Loyalty 18 months FREE

*The MyWifi device is a handy device.
**Must have a Sun Regular Postpaid Plan

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