Globe Telecom Postpaid and Prepaid Roaming Activation Charges

Globe Telecom, a Philippines Telecommunication Company, offers the roaming services to its subscribers both prepaid and postpaid at very cool rates. Moreover, you have no need to worry about the charges of activation for roaming services in both cases mean prepaid and postpaid. The whole procedure of activation is quite simple and there are no extra charges for activation of roaming service thanks to Globe Telecom. Here is the step-by-step detail of activation procedure and information about charges of roaming activation both for prepaid and postpaid subscribers that are using services of Globe Telecom.

Globe Telecom Prepaid Roaming Activation Charges

The activation charges of globe Telecom roaming service for prepaid customers is just free of cost, if you are using text messaging to avail this opportunity. However, you must have a credit balance of Php 100 credit balance for activation of your roaming service. If not, your request will not be entertained. However, The procedure and conditions are not too hard even for new user. Let’s see the details.

1. To request for activation of roaming service, send GROAM ON mm/dd/yyyy to 2884.

2. To activate the roaming service for a particular duration, send GROAM ON <START DATE mm/dd/yyyy> <no. of days> to 2884.

3. You must get roaming activation at least 24 hours before leaving. It means, you must get confirmation message for activation of roaming service before departure. You must maintain the balance of Php 100 in your account on daily basis to enjoy roaming services continuously. In case of dropping the balance below Php 100 must have to reload within 24 hours to stay safe from deactivation.

Globe Telecom Postpaid Roaming Activation Charges

Globe Telecom offers pre-activated roaming services to its postpaid customers. The only thing that postpaid customers have to do to avail consistent roaming service of Globe Telecom in the countries other than Philippines is that, they must have to inform the hotline service of Globe Telecom before departure. For informing to hotline service, the number is (+63-7301212).  You can also get detailed information about respective roaming charges for concerned country by making contact to this number again.

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