How to Do Zong Balance Check, Share, Transfer, Recharge, Load, Inquiry

No doubt, all mobile network providers in Pakistan offer the services of balance check, balance recharge, load share and load inquiry. However, the procedure of availing these services for all cellular companies is not same. Many people remain confuse about the codes for availing these services, when they adopt some new mobile network provider. If you are a Zong customer, this is the right blog for you. Here, you can get complete information about the services of Zong for prepaid subscribers like balance check, balance transfer, load inquiry and balance recharge.

Zong Balance Check

Like all other cellular network, Zong balance check procedure is also very easy. To check the balance on Zong number, just dial *222#, your remaining balance will be in front of you.

Zong Balance Share

Zong balance share or load transfer offer is such a great treat for its subscribers. Now, you can share or transfer the balance from one Zong number to another easily and Zong call this offer as “Yaari Load”. If you are also Zong subscriber and want to send some amount to your loved one, just follow the procedure.

Just write the number of that person in the message box to whom, you want to send balance by sharing the load, then enter “.” And now write the amount, which you want to send. For example, to send Rs. 100 to your loved one on its Zong number, just write its zong number in message box like 0312xxxxxxx.100, you will receive a confirmation message. Reply it to write “Y”. Your balance will be transferred.

Zong Recharge

To recharge the Zong account by means of voucher, just scratch the voucher and write the code and enter *101#, your balance will be updated.

Zong Inquiry

To ask any question about Zong packages or services or in case of any confusion about Zong offers, just dial 310 to avail Zong helpline services.

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