Warid Postpaid and Prepaid Internet and GPRS Packages

There was a time, when it was a dream to use internet at mobile phones. In fact, I am talking about a very recent past, not about a time that is too much ago. When this technology was introduced in the mobile phones, it was really very costly to use internet at cell phones and no one could imagine to avail GPRS facility at cell phones due to its higher charges. Warid was the first that resolved this problem of people in highly pretty manner. Warid introduced such cost-effective packages for its postpaid and prepaid subscribers that now, use of internet and GPRS at mobile phone has become really a cheap matter for Warid customers.

Warid Postpaid Internet and GPRS Packages

There are various internet and GPRS packages for Warid Postpaid customers. All these packages have really astonishing price range for Warid subscribers in terms of highly economical charges per Mb.

Postpaid Packages Line Rent Free Units Rate
Package – GPRS80 Rs. 80* 6MB Rs.12/Mb
Package – GPRS120 Rs. 120* 15MB Rs.10/Mb
Package – GPRS200 Rs. 200* 20MB Rs.8/Mb
Package – GPRS240 Rs. 240* 30 MB Rs.6/Mb
Package – GPRS Infinity ∞ Rs. 500** 2000 MB or 2 GB Rs. 0.2/Mb or 20 Pasia / Mb

Warid Prepaid Internet and GPRS Packages

Warid takes care of its prepaid subscribers very much both in terms of call rates as well as internet and GPRS charges. Now, Warid has introduced a really splendid package that is called “Prepaid GPRS Bucket”. This beautiful package offers 10 Mb data capacity to the prepaid customers with the validity date for 30 days. The activation charges for this package are just Rs. 30. The best thing is that, Waird prepaid customers can expand the data limit as well as get multiple bucket packages at a time as well.

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