Warid Packages for International Calls – Roaming, Sms and Call Rates

Warid Telecom that has become one of the beloved cellular networks in all Pakistan and is best known for international call rates and sms charges as well. In fact, after serving its customers in terms of nationwide charges for calling rates and best sms packages, Warid Telecom has paid much attention towards the charges of international calls and sms. The reason is that, thousands of people from Pakistan are serving in other countries, but with leaving their family members just in Pakistan. Now, this is the right of those people that they should be rewarded with best packages for international calling rates both to their relatives and friends.
Warid Postpaid

If you are using Waird Postpaid package and want to call you, your friend or some other beloved one that is living in some other country, you have no need to worry at all. Warid Telecom presents you that best possible call rates in all possible routes. Here the meaning of routes is that, you can make a cheap call from Warid Telecom to landline numbers, mobile numbers and satellite numbers. You will be astonished to see the long list of highly economical call rates and sms charges for sending to any international

Warid Prepaid

The case of Warid prepaid package for international is not very different from Postpaid packages both in terms of very cheap calling and sms rates as well as wide network.

Warid International Roaming

Now, if you itself are living in some other country and feeling much problem for having same mobile number as it was in Pakistan, but with much more roaming charges, then again Warid Telecom is here for you. Now, you hear the voice of your loved ones even they are living somewhere else from Pakistan for longer time thanks to truly beautiful roaming charges offered by Warid Telecom.

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