How to Check PTCL Bill Online and Get PTCL Duplicate Bill

Today, nobody has time to wait in long queues just to pay its PTCL bill. Moreover, the issuing and reaching date of PTCL bills at homes or offices both for landline numbers and Evo connections is different in different areas. Of course, everyone wants to make its budget in-time just after getting salary and it is only possible, when your utility bills will be in your hands. To avoid this problem, PTCL also offers some noteworthy solutions in the form of facility of checking PTCL bills online and also getting duplicate bill again online. Let’s see the procedure of checking online PTCL bills and getting online duplicate bills.

Check PTCL Bills Online

1. At first, visit the site

2. There will be two options in front of you; PTCL Landline Bill and PTCL Evo Bill.

3. Click on PTCL Landline Bill option.

4. Enter your phone number with no area code

5. Now write your Account ID

6. Each city has its own area code so in account ID use 1 then your area Code then the Land Line Number.

7. Your Bill will be in front of you.

Get PTCL Duplicate Bill

The procedure of getting PTCL duplicate bill is same, as described in above procedure. In fact, you can also print your PTCL bill via checking online. In this way, you can stay safe from bearing the pain of visiting PTCL offices and wasting your time. Moreover, you have no need to explain the reason of getting duplicate bill in front of PTCL front desk officers. The only condition of getting PTCL duplicate bill via by availing print option is that, you must have pdf format at your computer, as the print of PTCL bill is available online in pdf format. So, enjoy amazing opportunity of getting PTCL duplicate bill and avoid the sufferings of time and money loss.

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