How to Change PTCL (Broadband Dsl Wifi Wireless Router) Password

Of course, Wireless technology is much better for use of internet with convenience. In fact, if you are using laptop and PTCL DSL connection for internet, you must adopt PTCL Broadband DSL Wi-Fi technology. Otherwise, there is no meaning of using laptop. PTCL offers its Wi-Fi service for its Broadband DSL customers as the result of high demand from their side. Now, you can use your internet anywhere in your house or office without bearing the cluttered cable environment that we bear in case of using DSL wired technology. Wi-Fi is much different technology than Broadband DSL wired technology in which WiMax or 3G service is used to provide internet to customers. However, in Wi-Fi, we use radio technology to get high-speed internet. No doubt, there is some difference in speed via getting PTCL internet service through wired technology. However, you can ignore this, as you are free to move anywhere in your home even with using internet service consistently.

PTCL offers its broadband DSL Wi-Fi technology to its customers just by paying Rs. 200 in addition to their normal charges. However, the speed of internet via using Wi-Fi is 54 Mbps and you can use internet within a radius of 30 meters. Well, if you are using PTCL Wi-Fi technology, you must keep one thing in mind that you must keep your Wi-Fi secure by applying password. This is necessary to avoid misuse of your data limit within your coverage area. Initially, when you get PTCL Wi-Fi connection, you get a username and password from PTCL personnel. However, it is better to change this password for complete security of your internet connection. Here is the procedure of changing PTCL (Broadband Dsl Wifi Wireless Router) Password.

Procedure to Change PTCL (Broadband Dsl Wifi Wireless Router) Password

1. Visit the site

2. There will be a form in front of you with two options; User name and password.

3. Write the username and enter the wrong password.

4. You will be asked that “Did you forget your password?”

5. Click this option and generate new password for your PTCL Broadband DSL.

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