Mobilink Jazz Call Rates and Internet Packages

Mbilink, Pakistan’s largest cellular company in terms of voice and data network provider, claims the 31.6 million subscribers all over the country. These are the exclusive tariffs of Mobilink for prepaid subscribers that compel the people to adopt this network for using cellular technology. Mobilink introduces its all prepaid packages under the category name “Jazz”. Now, Mobilink prepaid subscribers can enjoy numerous Jazz packages with best call rates and truly economical internet charges. Let’s see Mobilink Jazz call rates and internet packages one by one.

Mobilink Jazz Call Rates

Mobilink offers a wide range of call rates for different Jazz packages like Jazz Jazba, Jazz One, Jazz Budget, Jazz Easy-Old and Jazz Ladies First. All these packages have diverse call rates in different categories like call rates from Jazz to jazz, Jazz to Other networks, Jazz FnF Numbers, Jazz, Hourly call rates, Night call rates and many more. However, the common thing is that all these call rates are really friendly cheap and friendly. Moreover, the sms offers of these Jazz packages are also pretty good. These least possible call rates are one of the key reasons behind rapidly increasing customers of Mobilink Jazz.

Mobilink Internet Packages

Mobilinl has brought a really weird and special offer for its Jazz customers in the form of Unlimited Internet Package. Now, Mobilink prepaid customers can enjoy Unlimited Daily Internet Package by Mobilink Jazz within negligible charges. Just activate this offer for 24 hours by spending Rs. 9.99 Only. Now, be ready to enjoy high-speed internet with no data limit. Of course, there is no such beautiful package that could provide unlimited internet within just Rs. 9.99 only. So, for people of Pakistan, these Mobilink Internet Packages are matchless both in terms of exclusiveness as well as negligible internet rates and very cheap call rates.

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