How to Check Balance and Data Usage in U Mobile

U Mobile is no doubt, latest mobile service provider in Malaysia and started its services in 1998. However, within this short span of time, U Mobile has made millions of people in whole Malaysia, its customers. The reasons are nothing, but 3G mobile services and cool call rates both for prepaid and postpaid customers. Another attraction of U Mobile is its uninterruptable broadband services and unique internet packages in the form of prepaid and postpaid plans. However, another amazing thing that has fascinated millions of people is mobile TV service. U Mobile is the pioneer is offering the mobile TV service to Malaysian people. as the numbers of subscribers of U Mobile are increasing rapidly, so the questions about its services are also rising very much. No doubt, U Mobile put answers of many frequently asked questions at its official websites. However, there are still some very common questions of new users that they do not find in official website of U Mobile and even on any website at internet. Here I have tried to give answers of two most frequently asking question about the services of U Mobile. These questions are like “How to Check Balance in U Mobile” and “How to Check Data Usage in U Mobile”. Let’s see the answers of these questions.

How to Check Balance in U Mobile

If you are the prepaid subscriber of U Mobile and want to check your balance, you can do it by dialing *118#.

How to Check Data Usage in U Mobile

To check your current data allowance usage, remove the SIM card from your modem then insert the SIM card to your mobile phone.

Dial *118# and select U Broadband, then select “Check Usage”.

Alternatively, you may also send a SMS by typing in “BAL” and send to 28118.

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