How to Reload, Share Top Up, and Activate Mms in Maxis

Maxis has made its name all over Malaysia in terms of offering maximum possible and cheapest services to its customers. This is the reason behind rapid increase in numbers of Maxis customers across whole Malaysia within a short span of time. With this increase in numbers of customers, the queries of people about the services of Maxis have also become increased. Some frequently asking questions about services of Maxis are like How to Reload in Maxis, How to Share Top Up in Maxis, How to Activate Maxis MMS.

How to Reload in Maxis

Dial 122 from your Hotlink mobile phone. Follow the instructions on the recorded message, key in your PIN and press the ‘#’ key. Your Hotlink account is topped up when you hear your new balance announced.

OR Key in *111*14-digit reload number# and press CALL.

How to Share Top Up in Maxis

The following are the steps to share-a-top-up.

Step 1

Type” Share 012XXXXXXX amount”

The transfer amount should be without decimal.

Step 2

Send the message to 22121. Then wait for the confirmation SMS.

Step 3

Please ensure you are transferring to the right party and the correct amount. If everything is correct, please reply “YES” to 22121.

Step 4

Upon successful transfer, you and your friend will receive an SMS notification from Hotlink.

There is a charge of 50sen for every successful transfer. SMS request sent to 22121 is free of charge.

How to Activate Maxis MMS

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service is one of most frequently using services over worldwide cellular networks. In fact, only those cellular companies can offer MMS service to their customers that offer internet facility as well. Maxis is not behind any other mobile network in terms of providing all exclusive services to its customers. By using MMS service of Maxis, you can send colorful pictures to your loved ones and shaer your latest events as well. to enjoy this service of Maxis, here is the simple procedure of getting activation for MMS in Maxis.

To activate Maxis MMS, press *133#.

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