How to Block a Phone Number and Text Messages on Virgin Mobile

Virgin mobile is a brand which is used by many mobile service provider companies of the world. Its services are in many countries of the world including India, Australia, Chile, Greece, Canada and United Kingdom.  Virgin mobile provides many mobile services. All the services are very suitable for all type of mobile users.

How to block calls and Text Messages

Mobile phones are means of communication between people. Calls and text messages are made to be in touch with each other. But sometime people tease each other by sending unwanted calls and messages. Now you can get rid of all unwanted calls and messages. If you are using virgin mobile, Virgin mobile give you an option of avoiding these unnecessary calls. Some phones have call rejection and call blocking option. You can simply block any unwanted numbers .You can also unblock a number from this option. It is really easy and accessible to anyone.

Call Block

Follow the steps to block the numbers from which you do not want to receive calls.

1: Go into MENU of your virgin mobile.

2: Select the option SETTINGS.

3: Enter your four digit code when asked.

4: Select the call blocking option.

5: Enter the number you want to block.

The number will be blocked.

Text Message Block

You can also block text messages which you do not want to receive on your mobile.

1: Visit the virgin mobile website and access your account there.

2:  Select the message setting option.

3:  Scroll down and select the option block text.

4: Enter the number you want to block

5: Click on the update option.

6: You can also block emails on your phones.

7: You can also avail this service by calling virgin customer care center. Dial 86.

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