How to Make Idea Cellular Bill Payment Online or by Credit Card

Idea provides its best services to customers like best coverage and quality. Now idea provides one step ahead to its services. Idea provides you more convenient service to pay your bills online. This facility saves your precious time and provides you a service, with which you can pay your bills through internet and credit card. This service gives you the flexibility to pay your bill at any time and from any where. People do not have much time today to go to franchise and pay their bills. Idea has solved their problem by providing online payment facility. You will get e-mail and sms alerts on the reminder of your bills status.

How to Make Idea Cellular Bill Payment Online

Now using Idea, you can pay your bills by internet. It is very easy to pay your bills. It will really save your precious time and you will feel much safe by paying your bills online through idea online payment. Just follow the steps and you can easily pay your idea cellular bills.

1: log on to Idea website “” and register yourself if you are not registered. You will need your account number and your phone number for registration. After registration, Idea will send you a pin number, enter that pin number in pin code box at idea website and activate your account.

2: After login in your account, click on the bill pay option.

3: Enter your account information. Your credit card or debit card information.

4: Enter the amount you wish to pay.

5: Enter the date you wish your bill to be paid and hit the enter button.

6: Record your payment confirmation number, which you will get after payment.

By following above steps, you can easily pay your bills at your desired date. It is easiest and safest way to pay your bills.

How to Make Idea Cellular Bill Payment by Credit Card

Idea offers the payment of its cellular bills by credit cards as well. Just visit the Idea website and select an option “Payment by Credit Card”. Fill the categories first like “Select Biller Location and Select Biller Category and pay your Idea bills through providing your credit card details.

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