How to do Gprs Activate Settings, Balance Check, Recharge Voucher in Idea

Idea is the 4th largest mobile service provider in India. There are over 100 million customers of idea. Idea provides broadband and internet services at very cheap rates. Idea provides high speed 3G internet and a high quality service. There are various internet plans which idea offers to you.

How to activate GPRS setting on Idea

Idea offers broadband internet facility to its PC users, as well as idea give a high speed internet service to its mobile users. You can browse on your mobile phone with idea high speed internet. Idea also gives various gprs packages at very cheap rates. You can enjoy internet services on your cell phone, but you have to install gprs settings in tour handset. It is very easy to get gprs setting by using idea. Just follow the steps given below and get gprs settings for your cell phone.

1: to get gprs settings, write FRESH in your sms and send it to 4666. You will get the instructions from customer care for installation of settings.

2: if you would not get settings from above method than call to your idea customer care. Ask them for gprs settings. They will get some information regarding to your handset and send you gprs settings.

3: if you have changed your handset, than type a message in following format to get settings.

Gprs<space> your handset made<space> model, send it to 4666.

How to check balance on Idea

You can easily check your balance on idea cellular. To check your balance just dial *130# from your idea cellular phone.

Recharge Vouchers

Idea provides different recharge vouchers to recharge your idea account. Its your choice that which voucher you choose to recharge your account.

1; recharge voucher from Rs. 101 to Rs. 105 gives you a talk time of 89.57 to 93.73 rs,

2: idea recharge voucher of rs. 107 to 110 provide you a talk time of 95.01 to 97.73 rs.

3: recharge voucher of rs. 112 to 119 rs. Give talk time 99.54 to 105. 89 rs.

4: voucher of rs. 120 give talk time 106.79.

5: recharge voucher of rs. 144 give talk time of 128.55.

6: voucher of rs 150 provide a talk time of 133.99.

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