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Net One’s Easy Call Package: You Can Control Your Phone Expenditure

Net One is a cellular company, which is offering a wide range of services in Zimbabwe. If you are looking for a cell phone connection, which offers affordable calling service, by keeping your budget in mind, easy call package is for you. Read more »

NetOne International Partner Networks and Tariff

NetOne is such telecommunication service provider in the Zimbabwe that does not left alone their customers even during their international visits. NetOne has collaboration with many cell phone companies all over the world. Read more »

Relaks: Prepaid Package By Netone

Netone is one of the popular cellular companies in Zimbabwe. It offers many services in the country, although the verity of offered packages is not much, yet the packages are quite attractive. If you are looking for a number of features in a prepaid plan, Relaks is for you. Read more »

Make Your Life Easy with NetOne Postpaid Services

Postpaid service of NetOne is the key specialty of this rapidly growing cellular network in Zimbabwe. In fact, this is the first product offered by NetOne at the time of its launch. Read more »

Comparison Between Go Huic’r and Go Flexi Prepaid Plans of Telecel

Telecel Zimbabwe Pvt. Ltd. is the well-known mobile service provider in Zimbabwe which is simply known as Telecel. It does not matter that you need prepaid package of Telecel or want to buy postpaid package, Telecel offers you services of all what you want. Read more »

Telecel Business Pricing Plan and Broadband Tariff including Special Offer

A large mobile network Telecel Zimbabwe Pvt., Ltd., is highly flourishing telecommunication company in Zimbabwe which is the subsidiary of Telecel International Limited. The company’s Headquarter is in Harare, Zimbabwe and was established in 1998. Read more »

SMS, Local and International Call Tariffs of ECONET Wireless

As ECONET Wireless is the one of the most popular mobile company ion Zimbabwe thanks to its astonishing discounts and cool services, so the numbers of users of ECONET are also increasing rapidly. If we talk on yearly basis, then almost 8 million subscribers are adding in ECONET community every year. Read more »

ECONET Buddie Services – The First Prepaid Package in Zimbabwe

Before September 1998, it was just a dream in Zimbabwe to enjoy the prepaid facility of wireless telecommunication service. This was ECONET Wireless Company which turned this dream into reality by launching the first prepaid wireless connection in Zimbabwe with the name “Buddie”. Read more »