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Difference between Smart Plan and Emirati Plan of DU Telecom

Monthly plans of mobile usage of DU Telecom subscribers are the real treat across the whole United Arab Emirates. Du Telecom presents lots of monthly plans to its subscribers with two distinct features. Read more »

Du Telecom Call, SMS and Data Packages to Travel Abroad

Almost all mobile service providers offer some exclusive plans and packages both in terms of call and internet usage to attract the local people towards their company. It is also fact that many of these packages could be really called as discount packages. Read more »

Long Range of Du Telecom Internet Data Packages with Amazing Offers

The fame of Du Telecom in the United Arab Emirates is undoubtedly, for the flexible and friendly mobile data packages. Of course, this concept is well versed, but it does not mean that Du Telecom does not take care of its customers in terms of providing internet facility. Read more »

Exclusive Features of Du Telecom Prepaid Plans for Visitors

Du Telecom is the famous mobile company in the United Arab Emirates with steadily increasing number of subscribers across the whole country. Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company is the official name of Du Telecom. Read more »

ETISALAT 4G LTE Broadband and Wireless Technology with MY DataPlan Packages

Today, internet technology has been changed entirely and now there is no usage of old ADCMA technology especially in developed countries. In the recent past, 3G internet technology had surprised everybody with very high speed internet facility both with broadband and wireless features. Read more »

ETISALAT Mobile Internet for WASEL and Postpaid Users

The facility of mobile internet has not been only a luxury in present age, but has become a necessity thanks to smartphones and tablets. For every mobile company, it has become necessary to fulfill the need of high speed and uninterrupted internet of its subscribers; otherwise it will be out of race. Read more »

ETISALAT WASEL Prepaid Tariff Plans and Standard Charges for Prepaid Mobile

ETISALAT Prepaid Tariff Plans are excellent opportunity for those subscribers who want full control upon their usage and ultimately monthly mobile expenses. ETISALAT offers its prepaid mobile service with the Name “WASEL”. Read more »

ETISALAT Postpaid Saving Packs – Make Your Own Tariff Plans

ETISALAT is the sole mobile company in United Arab Emirates which allow its subscribers to make their own tariff plans thanks to splendid features of Postpaid Saving Packs. ETISALAT Postpaid Saving Packs are unique in many respects.  Read more »