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Vodacom Smart Price Plane: All In One Packages

Vodacom is a cellular service provider in South Africa. It has a large number of customers and is known for verity of plans, which it offers. Vodacom smart price plans are known for their all in one feature. Read more »

Red Plans: Vodacom Offers Smartphone Plans In South Africa

Vodacom offers many plans in South Africa and Red plans are one of the most commonly used plans. It offers some great advantages for the users. For instance, you can get a smartphone of your choice with any red plan. Read more »

Get Economical Roaming Service With Vodacom Travel Saver

Vodacom takes care of its customers and that is the reason company offers roaming services for its customers. Travel saver is the roaming package of Vodacom, which is offered to contract customers. You can enjoy the roaming facility is 26 countries and you have to pay a daily subscription fee only. Read more »

Vodacom Offers International Calling Services For Its Customers

World is no more world, it is called a global village now. We have relatives in many countries and we have to keep in touch with them. Call is the quickest way to keep in touch with you family and friends in other countries. If you are South African residents, you can use Vodacom. Read more »

Telkom : Economic Calling Plans For Business Customers

Telkom is a renowned company in South Africa. Company offers some great package for all its customers. Telkom does not forget its business customers as well, and has many packages for businessperson as well. Here are the details about these packages. Read more »

Telkom Calling Plans: Have Fun Filled Weekends

Telkom is a cellular service provider in South Africa. The company offers a wide range of package for businesspersons and for individual customers. It has many calling plans, which a person a avail according to his needs. Here we are discussing some calling plans by Telkom. Read more »

Internet And Data Bundles: Telkom Has To Offer A Lot For Its Customers

Internet is basic need for our homes and offices and Telkom understands that. That is the reason, this company offers internet and data packages. There are various packages which Telkom offers to its customers and one can choose according to his needs. Read more »

MTN 79 C: A Package For Everyone

MTN is a cellular company which has extended its network in many countries. It offers a wide range of voice call and SMS packages for its customers. People living in South Africa can also take the advantage of MTN. Many packages offered by the company but one most widely used package is the MTN 79C. Read more »

MTN SMS Bundles: Options Are Unlimited

MTN offer not only voice call bundles but SMS packages for its customers. They offer you the liberty to send messages according to your budget and offer best services too. If you want to take the advantage of SMS bundles offers by MTN, you should have complete information about these packages. Read more »

Enjoy Cheap International Roaming With MTN

MTN has a wide network in South Africa, but company also offers international roaming. You can enjoy cheap international roaming and stay connected with your homeland, if you are a MTN customer. MTN has collaborated with more than 170 countries all around the world. Read more »

MTN Offers Exciting Voice Mail Services

Many cellular companies are working in South Africa. MTN is a renowned one, as it has its network in many other countries as well. It offers call and SMS packages for its customers.  But it also offers some exciting services like voice mail, call back and call diverting. Here we are discussing them in detail. Read more »

PayAsYouGo: MTN‘s Voice Call Packages

PayAsYouGo is a plan, which MTN offers for its customers. It has many further packages, which a person can choose according to his needs and budget. Read more »

Prepaid Plans Of Cell C For Its Customers

Cell C is a renowned name in South Africa as the company is offering its services to a large number of people in the country. It offers not only postpaid but many pre-paid plans for its customers. Read more »

SMS Bundles And Data Package Comparison Offered By C Cell

C Cell is known for providing good quality voice call packages to its customers. However, the company is known for providing SMS bundles as well. SMS are very popular in all countries and South African people also like to communicate with their friends and family through SMS. Read more »

99 C Straight Up: Cell C Offers Wide Range Of Packages For Its Customers

Cell C is a South African country, which offers a wide range of services to its customers.  Clients can choose from the wide verity of packages according to their needs. 99 c straight up is a package, which has many further variations and offers many benefits to the users. Read more »