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ZAIN Internet 4G Plans and comparison between Speed Plans for Prepaid and Postpaid

There might be any internet user of smartphones who does not know that 4G is the latest available technology of internet all over the globe which provides maximum internet speed to its users. Just imagine! You are using the internet with speed limit 150Mbps. Read more »

ZAIN Amazing Package for Visitors

The importance, respect and value of Saudi Arabia has no comparison all over the globe thanks to scared places of Muslims which are Ka’abatu-Allah and Rauzae-Rasool (SAW).  Muslims from all over the world come here to perform Hajj and Umra. There is no time whole the year in which thousands of Muslims came here to perform Umra. Read more »

STC Landline Services: A Verity Of Services Are Offered

STC is a well known cellular service provider in Saudi Arabia; it offers not only mobile and internet packages, but landline services as well. Different landline services are offered by the company and one can easily choose according to his needs. Here we are discussing these landline packages in detail. Read more »

STC Offers Affordable International Roaming

Not only prepaid and postpaid packages but STC offers affordable roaming packages as well. International roaming service of STC, allow you to stay connect with your family and friends, when you are outside the country. You can also make and receive calls, when you are travelling either by air or by sea. Read more »

STC Postpaid: Four Different Packages For Saudi Customers

STC is one of the leading cellular companies in Saudi Arabia. It offers many postpaid, prepaid and landline packages for the customers. Its postpaid packages are very famous and known to meet needs of all customers.  Here we are discussing them in detail. Read more »

SAWA: Prepaid Line Offered By STC In Saudi Arabia

STC offers many services and SAWA is one of them. It is the prepaid line of the company, which offers voice calls to local and international numbers. Customers can also send SMS,  MMS and internet as well.  You can get SAWA SIM Card in just RS 25, which is an economical price for a SIM card. Read more »

Comparison between Tariff Plans of ZAIN Mazaya Light, Mazaya Smart and Mazaya Premium

Mazaya Light, Mazaya Smart and Mazaya Premium are the Postpaid Packages of ZAIN Saudi Arabia. These three Postpaid packages are famous all over the Country thanks to their salient features. Read more »

Better Benefits with ZAIN New Postpaid Packages

Normally, people consider that Postpaid Packages are designed as per requirement of frequent users or for the customers related to top level business. ZAIN has inverted this concept of people with introducing various types of postpaid packages which are suitable for every person. Read more »

eLife Bundles: Mobily Offers Some Interesting Packages

Mobily offers not only postpaid and prepaid calling packages but different entertainment packages as well. eLife is an entertainment service of Mobily, which offers different packages, which one can choose according to his interests. Read more »

Mabuhay Kababayan: Special SIM For Filipino Customers By Mobily

A large number of Filipino people live in Saudi Arabia and do different kinds of job. To meet their communication needs, Mobily has launched an exclusive package. Read more »

Mobily Postpaid Plans: Some Amazing Offers Of The Customers

Mobily offers not only prepaid but many post paid plans as well. If you are a Mobily customer you must be familiar with the post paid plans offered by Mobily. If you are not a Mobily customer, you must get attracted by the postpaid plans, which are considered as  lowest monthly fee packages. Read more »

7 Ala: A Mobily Package For International Calls And Data

Mobily is a telecommunication provider, which offer service in many countries and Saudi Arabia is one of them. It offers many post paid, prepaid and data package for the ease of customers. Here we are discussing a prepaid package by Mobily, which is called 7 ala. Read more »