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Warid’s Trials About 4G LTE – Company Will Invest Millions Of Dollars

Many companies got 3G and 4G service licenses in Pakistan and Warid is one of them. Warid is celebrity its 9th anniversary and company has launched trials for 4 G services successfully. According to the officials of the company, they are planning to invest more than 400 US dollars in the telecom sector of the country. Read more »

Comparison of Warid Zem Prepaid 1 Sec, 30 Sec and 60 Sec Offers

These days, the fame of Warid packages have become much more thanks to its cool prepaid offers that fall under the category of Warid Zem. Unlike Warid postpaid packages, all prepaid packages offered by Warid are categorized in the title named as “Zem” or “Warid Zem”. Read more »

How to Add Friends and Family Numbers in Warid

It is true that cheap call rates have become the sign of success for cellular company. Moreover, a race has become started among all cellular companies for offering maximum numbers of free sms per day to their subscribers. Similarly, the demand of economical internet charges per Mb is also highly emerging. Read more »

Warid Postpaid and Prepaid Internet and GPRS Packages

There was a time, when it was a dream to use internet at mobile phones. In fact, I am talking about a very recent past, not about a time that is too much ago. When this technology was introduced in the mobile phones, it was really very costly to use internet at cell phones and no one could imagine to avail GPRS facility at cell phones due to its higher charges. Read more »

Warid Glow Internet, Call and Sms Packages Details

Glow is an exciting prepaid service for the Warid subscribers. No doubt, many other cellular networks are offering best call rates, sms charges and internet plans to their subscribers. However, many people also love to use Warid Glow, but not all packages. It depends upon the need of customers that either he needs best possible call rates or want bulk of free sms on daily basis. Read more »

Warid Packages for International Calls – Roaming, Sms and Call Rates

Warid Telecom that has become one of the beloved cellular networks in all Pakistan and is best known for international call rates and sms charges as well. In fact, after serving its customers in terms of nationwide charges for calling rates and best sms packages, Warid Telecom has paid much attention towards the charges of international calls and sms. Read more »