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Finally Ufone Announced 3G Packages For Prepaid And Postpaid Customers

Many companies have announced 3G service in Pakistan, but Ufone is the first one to announce the packages for its prepaid and postpaid customers. These 3 G packages are announced for few cities and the service will be available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Read more »

Trivia Quiz – Enhance Your General Knowledge With Ufone

Every educated person wants to have a good general knowledge, as it’s important not only from the educational point of view but also helps in general discussions with friends and family. Different people opt different ways to enhance their general knowledge. Read more »

Gmail And Ufone Joint SMS Venture

Gmail is considered as giant, when it comes to email communication, chatting and other similar services. Many other companies also offer this service, but Gmail offers many attractive facilities, which makes it most widely used email service. Gmail offers almost unlimited storage, which is biggest advantage of this great company. Now, Ufone has joined hands with Gmail, let’s see what these two are bringing for their customers. Read more »

Book Your Number – Ufone Offers An Attractive Service In Pakistan

We all want easy to remember numbers, whenever it comes to phone numbers, ID card number, insurance policy number, driving license number or any other number which we need in our daily life. The reason behind this is the ease. We need these numbers quite often in our lives and if they are easy to remember things are really easy for us, otherwise we have to keep a record of these numbers. Many people keep small dairy with them and some others save them in their cell numbers, as they may need them anywhere. Read more »

3G – Ufone Offers In Pakistan Now

Internet has been an important necessity for life. We all rely on internet for entertainment, communication and many other things. In the past it was offered by very few companies and was available only on the desktop computers. However, with the advancement of technology, now we have laptops, tablets and smartphones so internet is also needed for all these devices. This scenario opened new doors for the internet as well; and 3G technology is available in many countries of the world. Read more »

How do We Subscribe Ufone IDD Bucket and Voice Bucket Offers

Ufone that is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Pakistan is working as a subsidiary of PTCL. Ufone is famous across the country for its highly cheap call rates and unlimited sms bundle offers for its subscribers. Read more »

Ufone Postpaid and Prepaid Packages

Ufone is as caring for its prepaid subscribers as for postpaid subscribers and offers many flawless packages for both types of customers. To know the details about Ufone postpaid and prepaid packages, lets’ see them one by one. Read more »

Ufone Golden Numbers for Sale in Pakistan

We usually hear many terms about mobile numbers like silver numbers or golden numbers. Well, it is clear from the names of these numbers that there must be some special thing in these numbers. No doubt, silver numbers and golden numbers have attractiveness due to due to either reason like repetition of same digit in one number, successive digits or successive group digits. Read more »

How to Send Free Sms to Ufone

Well, it is a doubtless reality that Ufone sms packages have become very popular all over in Pakistan. There are several reasons behind this tremendous success of Ufone and some of the key reasons are like wide coverage area, daily, nightly, fortnightly, monthly and even yearly sms packages at highly economical charges or you can say at negligible charges. Read more »

Ufone GSM Internet and Sms Packages

Ufone has become a heart-favorite telecom company for all the people of Pakistan especially youngsters thanks to Ufone GSM Internet and SMS Packages. Let’s take a look on these startling features of Ufone. Read more »

Ufone International Roaming and Call Rates

Ufone, one of the leading mobile network providers in Pakistan, has made thousands of people its customers within a very short span of time, thanks to its splendid offers and highly economical packages in terms of call rates, messaging and use of GPRS. Read more »

Jobs and Career in Ufone Telecom Company

Ufone with slogan “Ufone is an equal opportunity employer” offers an exciting work environment to its employees.  Ufone Telecom Company offer jobs and career opportunities on this believe that these are the people, who empower the company with their skills and loyalty. Read more »