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PTCL Chaar Ji: Internet With 36Mbps In Pakistan

Internet is no more a luxury, rather it has become a need now and to cater the needs of their customers, cellular company offer different internet packages. PTCL has introduced next generation wireless broadband in the country, called as “Evo Chaar Ji”. Read more »

PTCL: New 8Mbps DSL Package Is Launched

PTCL is Government owned company in Pakistan, which is responsible for the provision of telecommunication services in the country. PTCL connection is considered as a secure route for telephone services as well as internet. PTCL has launched different packages according to the needs of people. Read more »

PTCL Evo Wingle Packages and Prices

Evo Wingle comes in the form of USB modem and it is said to be the first 3G hotspot. Wi-Fi router is filled in the form of USB shape giving it a clean and lustrous look in most condensed designing. Evo Wingle offer high speed internet and privateWiFi connection. Read more »

Benefits and Plans of PTCL Broadband 50MB VDSL2 Bonding Technology

PTCL has become world pioneer in introducing its latest VDSL2 Bonding Technology to its customers across Pakistan. Currently, PTCL has launched this innovative and high-speed internet technology in three major cities of Pakistan that are Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Read more »

How to Check PTCL Bill Online and Get PTCL Duplicate Bill

Today, nobody has time to wait in long queues just to pay its PTCL bill. Moreover, the issuing and reaching date of PTCL bills at homes or offices both for landline numbers and Evo connections is different in different areas. Read more »

How to Change PTCL (Broadband Dsl Wifi Wireless Router) Password

Of course, Wireless technology is much better for use of internet with convenience. In fact, if you are using laptop and PTCL DSL connection for internet, you must adopt PTCL Broadband DSL Wi-Fi technology. Otherwise, there is no meaning of using laptop. Read more »

PTCL Evo Tab vs Ipad – Prices, Specifications and Features

PTCL Evo Tab is the newly launched product of PTCL. No doubt, Apple’s Ipad series is much dated back in launching date, but PTCL Evo tab is the real competitor of Ipad in many respects. PTCL Evo tab is the first tablet in Pakistan that works on both Wi-Fi and 3G technology thanks to PTCL. Read more »

PTCL Broadband Student Package Prices and Installation Charges

PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication Company limited) plays the role of backbone for telecommunication infrastructure in Pakistan. It is partially state’s own telecommunication service with 62% government share, 26 % of UAE based Etisalat’s share and 12 % of general public. Read more »