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PTCL Evo Tab vs Ipad – Prices, Specifications and Features

PTCL Evo Tab is the newly launched product of PTCL. No doubt, Apple’s Ipad series is much dated back in launching date, but PTCL Evo tab is the real competitor of Ipad in many respects. PTCL Evo tab is the first tablet in Pakistan that works on both Wi-Fi and 3G technology thanks to PTCL. Read more »

PTCL Broadband Student Package Prices and Installation Charges

PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication Company limited) plays the role of backbone for telecommunication infrastructure in Pakistan. It is partially state’s own telecommunication service with 62% government share, 26 % of UAE based Etisalat’s share and 12 % of general public. Read more »

Wateen Unlimited Download Offer and Internet Traffic Volume

It is not much dated back, when Wateen had started its telecommunication services in Pakistan. It was just 2007 and within this short span of time, the numbers of Wateen subscribers are more than 250,000. Read more »

How to Set Password on Wateen Wifi to Make it Secure

Being having status of pioneer for launching WiMax technology in Pakistan as well as after achieving best internet provider award, the rapid increase in customers of wateen has been seen. Up till now, the citizens of 23 cities across Pakistan are enjoying high-speed internet thanks to this latest WiMax technology of Wateen. Read more »

Wateen Broadband Internet Tariff and Packages Details

Wateen is a topmost Broadband internet provider in Pakistan with company’s headquarter in Lahore. Wateen has recently received the best internet provider award in Pakistan. Read more »

Zong International Call Tariffs, Roaming and Sms Rates

Zong not only offers its services for nationwide direct dialing, but also make cheer their subscribers in terms of International Direct Dialing (IDD). Moreover, Zong offer international roaming services to its users and some of the Zong packages for International Direct Dialing (IDD) as well as roaming charges are really incredible. Read more »

How to Do Zong Balance Check, Share, Transfer, Recharge, Load, Inquiry

No doubt, all mobile network providers in Pakistan offer the services of balance check, balance recharge, load share and load inquiry. However, the procedure of availing these services for all cellular companies is not same. Read more »

How to Get Zong Advance Loan

No doubt, mobile phones are serving the mankind in best manner and have made the communication between the persons, living at distant places, very easy. However, the best use of mobile phones comes in front of us in case of any emergency. Read more »

Zong Packages for Call, SMS, Internet, MMS and GPRS

Zong offers various packages to their customers in terms of cheap call rates, sms charges, internet and GPRS charges per Mb. Now, it depends upon the use of customers that what type of package is feasible for him or her, as some packages are best for econom,ical call rates and some are cool for internet use. Read more »