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Visafone Nigeria: Amazing Prepaid Packages

The fame of Visafone in Nigeria is due to its advanced internet technology for mobile users. However, it does not mean that Visafone call packages are lacking behind any other mobile company in Nigeria in terms of services, coverage, call rates, and SMS charges. Read more »

Comparison between ZOOM Dial Up and Broadband EVDO Data Plans

Majority of Internet users in Nigeria is youth. Of course, this is age of staying connected with friends and relatives all the time without using a single penny thanks to social networking websites. Read more »

Long Range of ZOOM Voice Plans with Great Discount Offers

ZOOM is the rapidly flourishing mobile service provider telecommunication company working within long range areas of Nigeria. There is always some particular thing which raises the worth of any telecommunication company within a country. Read more »

Broadband Packages By Multilinks Telkom: A Lot Of Options Are Available

Multilinks is a well-known name in Nigeria, as far as provision of cellular and internet services is concerned. It offers a wide range of broadband packages too, which can help you to communicate with others and enjoy all online apps. Read more »

Multilinks Telkom: Prepaid Packages For Customers

Multilinks Telkom is one of the leading cellular service providers in Nigeria. It offers many services for the customers. To meet every ones need, company has many prepaid and postpaid packages. Read more »

MTN SmoothTalk Plus Treat For All Subscribers

MTN Nigeria offers a unique package to all of those subscribers who want to talk with their loved ones not only at MTN Network but also across all other mobile networks within Nigeria. Read more »

MTN TruTalk Offers Flat Call Rates Across All Networks

Among all other African countries, the country of 170 million people “Nigeria” is the most populous country. MTN has good share of its subscribers within Nigeria with 57.2 million users. Read more »

Enjoy International Roaming With Glo Mobile And Have Fun

Beside other services Glo offers international roaming as well. Now, you can keep in touch with your family and friends, no matter you are in Nigeria or in any other country. This service is good for not only those who love to travel but for those too, who has to travel a lot for the sake of their business. Read more »

Glo Mobile Nigeria Offers Amazing Prepaid Packages For The Customers

Glo is considered as fastest growing cellular company in Nigeria. It offers a verity of packages for the customers. You can also take the advantage of all these packages. Here we are discussing prepaid packages offered by Glo. Read more »

Etisalat Offers Different Internet Packages For Customers In Nigeria

We all have different internet needs. Some of us browse the internet for study purpose, other love to tag friends on social networking websites and many other watch online movies. To keep in mind the needs of different customers, Etisalat has introduced different packages for People in Nigeria. Read more »

Etisalat’s Personal Packages For Nigerian Customers

Etisalat is one of those companies, who provide cellular services in different countries. Nigerian people are also enjoying services offered by this prestigious company. Read more »

Comparison Between Postpaid And Prepaid Internet Package Offered By Airtel Nigeria

Airtel offers a wide range of services in Nigeria, like other countries of the world. It offers amazing internet packages, not only for postpaid but prepaid customers as well. Airtel Nigeria has a 3 G network for its customers. Read more »

Airtel Nigeria: Affordable Voice And Text Plans

Airtel is a famous cellular provider, which offers its services in various countries. Airtel has its network in Nigeria as well. It offers wide range of prepaid, postpaid and internet services in the country. Read more »