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3G By Nepal Telecom: A Fast Speed Internet Experience

Nepal telecom offers quality services to its customers, which are not only limited to postpaid and prepaid services but internet services, are also offered. Now, Nepal telecom offers 3G services to the people of Nepal and Nepali customers can enjoy live TV browsing. Read more »

International Roaming By Nepal Telecom

Nepal telecom offers international roaming facility for its customers, beside other service. This facility is available for postpaid customers right now; prepaid customers cannot use it currently. Read more »

GSM Mobile Service: Prepaid Service By Nepal Telecom

Under the umbrella of GSM mobile service, Nepal Telecom offers a wide range of service. Recently, the company has launched a new prepaid service, which is named as “Namaste”. With the launch of this prepaid service, the aim of the company is to provide good quality cellular services to all the people in country. Read more »

GSM Mobile Service By Nepal Telecom: Post Paid Packages And Plans

Nepal Telecom is not a new name for the Nepali people; the company is providing its wide range of cellular service since long. Nepal telecom offers not only prepaid but postpaid services as well. Read more »

Nepal Telecom: Wireless Broadband Internet Service Tariff Plan

Nepal Telecom, which is commonly called as NT is one of the leading cellular service providers in country. The company offers a wide range of service and now it’s taking another step ahead, by introducing 4G WiMAX IEEE service first time in country. Read more »

N Cell: Prepaid Tariffs And Plans

N cell is one of the leading cellular service providers in Nepal. The company offers a wide range of services for its customers, which include not only postpaid and prepaid plans but also a verity of internet data packages. Read more »

N Cell’s Prepaid Roaming For Nepali Customers

World has become a global village and people in Nepal also travel to other countries. In this situation, NCell takes care of its customers and offers prepaid roaming service. Read more »

Internet Packages And Plans Offered By Ncell

Ncell claims that the company offers fastest internet service in Nepal.  The company offers a wide range of service and many of them can be accessed with internet. A verity of packages is offered in different budgets, as different people have different internet needs. Read more »

Pro Plans: Buy A Plan According To Your Individual Needs

Ncell takes care of its customers and that is the reason the company has offered pro plans. These plans are created by keeping in mind the personal needs of the individual customers. Read more »