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U Mobile Unlimited Postpaid General and Member Plans

The fame and worth of U Mobile in Malaysia is increasingly rapidly thanks to its unlimited Postpaid General and Member Plans.  As depicted from the name, U Mobile Postpaid General Plans do not carry some specific type of call and SMS plans or designed by keeping some particular class of customers. Read more »

Digi Smart Plans with Xiaomi Mi3 and Special Offers

Digi Smart Plans with Xiaomi Mi3 are various in terms of price range, data limit, free call options, SMS and Weekend calls. The amazing thing is that, all these features are not just limited to on-net customers, but many of the plans are also applicable for off-net customers as well. Read more »

Maxis Postpaid Plans: Customers Can Talk Advantage

Maxis plans are really famous, as they offer talk time, SMS and internet services as well. The company offers reliable network and all that a customer wants from its cellular service provider. Read more »

Maxis One Plans: Some Great Offers For Customers

Like other companies maxis is also offers a wide range of services to its Malaysian customers. It offers all kind of services to its customers, postpaid, prepaid and internet, are just few of them. Read more »

Celcom Premier: A Convenient Plan For The Customers

Celcom offers a wide range of services and plans for the customers. Celcom plans are simple and the company offers flexible options for the payment as well. You will get free data and as well. Read more »

Celcom Business: Do A Favor To Your Business

Celcom is a well-known company, just because it offers it services not only for the individual persons but it offers a wide range of services for the business people as well. If you are a small or medium business holder, you can give a boost to your business by using Celcom business plans. Read more »

Mobile Internet: Enjoy Internet On The Go

Internet has different uses in our lives and they are increasing with every passing day. People were used to send emails through internet, but now video calling, social media updates and instant messages are all become part of our lives. Read more »

Elite Advantage: Great Mobile Plans By Celcom

Celcom offers a wide range of services for the customers in Malaysia. If you are a mobile user you can enjoy different packages offered by the company. Read more »

First Elite: Celcom Offers A Package With A Difference

Celcom is of the most popular cellular service providers in Malaysia. The company offers a wide range of services for its customers. Read more »

Comparison of Clecom Exec Postpaid Plans and Rates

There was a time, when only few mobile companies were available in few of countries. At that time, people had no choice but to use their plans without any choice that were only prepaid and postpaid. In fact, the further choices in prepaid and postpaid plans were no more. Read more »

Celcom Exec Free Value Added Services

If you are the postpaid subscriber of Celcom Malaysia and using Celcom Exec, this is the right blog you in terms of enjoying free value added services offered by Celcom. The free value added services for Celcom postpaid users in Malaysia are like Celcom Voice mail, Call waiting, Call holding / forwarding, Clip and Missed call notification. Read more »

U Mobile Call Rates for Prepaid, Roaming, Idd, International Sms

U Mobile has recently revised its packages for both prepaid, postpaid and international customers. If you are any one of these two, this is the right blog for you to choose the right plan. Read more »

How to Check Balance and Data Usage in U Mobile

U Mobile is no doubt, latest mobile service provider in Malaysia and started its services in 1998. However, within this short span of time, U Mobile has made millions of people in whole Malaysia, its customers. The reasons are nothing, but 3G mobile services and cool call rates both for prepaid and postpaid customers. Read more »

How to Reload, Share Top Up, and Activate Mms in Maxis

Maxis has made its name all over Malaysia in terms of offering maximum possible and cheapest services to its customers. This is the reason behind rapid increase in numbers of Maxis customers across whole Malaysia within a short span of time. Read more »

Maxis Prepaid, Postpaid, Blackberry, Iphone 4s and Internet Plans

Maxis, a worthy mobile service provider company in Malaysia, is offering a long range of plans for its customers. The variety of plans included Maxis Prepaid, Postpaid and internet plans. Well, if you are using some smartphone like Blackberry or Apple’s Iphone, there is again good new for you as Maxis has not forgotten you. Read more »

Comparison of Digi Postpaid and Prepaid Plans

Digi Telecommunications simply called Digi is one of the leading cellular service providers in Malaysia. If you are using some other network in Malaysia and now want to adopt services of Digi, you must have to compare the postpaid and prepaid plans offered by this mobile operator. Read more »

How to Do Digi Transfer Credit, Balance or Talktime

Digi, a famous Malaysian mobile service provider, is the company that not only offers unique and economical call packages to its customers, but also offers may cool services as well. One of the most remarkable services, offered by Digi, is the transfer of credit, balance or talktime between users of Digi. Read more »

Digi Blackberry, Htc, Android, Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Iphone 4s Packages

Digi being the pioneer in launching GPRS and EDGE service in Malaysia, takes care of its customers with rapidly changing technologies. Today is the era of smart phones and everyone is adopting different types of smart phone thanks to their great features and truly cool appearance. Read more »

Celcom Blackberry Easy Payment Plans

Whenever we talk about Blackberry, an easy approach to connect our friends and family via online applications come in our mind. Celcom being the largest mobile company in Malaysia and maximum numbers of users, offers many cool plans for their customers in terms of enjoying cool rates with different models of Blackberry. Read more »

Celcom Iphone 4s Easy Payment Plans

Iphone 4s, the latest smartphone by Apple, has become dream of every person to adopt it thanks to its remarkable features. Celcom know this reality very well and it offers many unique plans to its customers to but Iphone 4s at really cheap rates. Read more »

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