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Vodafone Italy Prepaid Options for Immigrants

Vodafone Italy offers attractive packages not only to local residents of Italy, but to the immigrants as well. All the immigrants who come to Italy can enjoy the prepaid services of Vodafone as well. In fact, most of the immigrants prefer to buy prepaid sims when they come abroad due to short stay problems. Read more »

Vodafone Italy Subscription Relax Packages

The name “Vodafone Italy Subscription Relax Packages” is the indication of this claim that all the packages fall under this category bring a sign of relaxation for the subscribers. Read more »

Configure Your Offer and Select Entertainment by Vodafone Italy

When we talk about Configure Your Offer Plan of Vodafone Italy, we meet two major options in this regard which are called All 500 and Smart 200 plans. There are many sub options fall under these categories which are called Free Weekend, Vodafone Unlimited, 500 Minutes and 500 SMS, Giga Summer and Extra 1 GB. Read more »