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Esia Pingin Offers Wi- Fi For Bakrie Customers In Indonesia

Bakrie telecom is not a new name in Indonesia, as the company is operating in the country from many years. Bakrie offers some exciting services for the customers, which enable them to enjoy all the benefits which a cellular company can offer. Read more »

Bakrie Telecom Offers Some Great Services In Esia Package

Bakrie telecom is a well-known company in Indonesia. The company offers a wide range of services for its customers. It includes postpaid service, prepaid service and internet as well. Read more »

Esia Postpaid Service: Bakrie Telecom Offers Two Options For The Customers

A large number of people like to use postpaid connections, no matter what is the company. According to them with postpaid connection, there is nothing to worry about the recharging cards and get disconnected right in the middle of their talk.  Read more »

Bakrie Telecom Plans and Packages

Barkie Telecom is an Indonesian mobile company that is famous across Indonesia for its wide range of telecommunication networks and services. At first, Barkie Telecom was working on CDMA technology, but now it is transferred to CDMA 2000-1x with new product name Esia. Read more »