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Telkom Smart City: 20 Big Cities Are On Hit List

Telkom offers some innovative services for the Indonesian people. The company offers some new technologies as well and Smart City is one of them. Read more »

Telkom Indonesia: TV Service With A Difference

Telkom Indonesia offers a wide range of service for its customers. One of them is the TV. The company has given it the name UseeTV. Read more »

Telkom Internet: Fast Speed Internet Options

Like all other companies Telkom also offers fast speed internet for the customers. This internet service is named as “Speedy” by the company. Read more »

Telkomsel Indonesia: WOOW 30 Hours by ACE Plan

WOOW 30 Hours under ACE Plan is the cool package list not only for youngsters but for all those people who want to enjoy long calls at very cheaper rates. It is reality that economical call rates are the source of good inspiration for all the people Read more »

Telkomsel Indonesia: Free Calls 300 Minutes by ACE Plan

People who are the residents of Indonesia or even travelling to this country are lucky in terms of getting a beautiful opportunity of Free Calls 300 Minutes under ACE Plan offered by Telkomsel. There are various features of Free Calls 300 Minutes under ACE Plan. Read more »

Telkomsel Indonesia: Tariff of Rp0 Package by ACE Plan

Rp0 Package by ACE Plan is simply the best plan in the country in term of providing various distant offers of sms bundles. There are two sub categories of Rp0 Package by ACE Plan which are named as 3 Rates & Promo SMS and Just Promo SMS.  Read more »

Telkomsel Indonesia: Extra Powerful Package by ACE Plan

Extra Powerful Package is a unique tariff scheme by ACE which gives more than 200 free calling minutes every day and for the whole day after the buildup of the meticulous application. Read more »

Axis Unlimited Everything: A Great Package To Call Inside The Country

AXIS has introduced different packages for the ease of its Indonesian customers and unlimited everything is one of those. The package has devised just to take care of local customers, who want to call inside the country by paying not much. Read more »

AXIS Offer International Calling Service

World is no more too big, fast means of communication has converted into it into a global village A large number of people visit other countries for different reasons and the same is true for Indonesia. Read more »

Phone And SMS: AXIS Has Some Amazing Offers For Its Customers

AXIS is a well-known cellular service provider in Indonesia. The company offers a wide range of services for the customers. But the basic phone and SMS rates are loved by everyone. Read more »

Smartfern Internet: Verity Of Options Is Available

Internet is something we all need now a day. We need internet for entertainment, enjoyment, education and above all communication. Read more »

Prepaid Packages By AXIS

A large number of people have no time to pay their bills, so they prefer to have prepaid calling service. It is easy to control your budget with prepaid service. Read more »

Enjoy Cheap Calling With Smartfern Postpaid

Smartfern is operating in Indonesia from many years and now the company has a good number of customers. Smartfern offers a wide range of prepaid and postpaid services, which have a lot to offer to its customers. Read more »

Smartfern Prepaid: Company Offers Some Amazing Services For The Customers

Mobile – 8 was a well-known company in Indonesia and it was marketed under the name fern. In 2010 the company joined hands with another cellular service called as Smart and now we have new Smartfern. Read more »

Indosat IM3 Ce eS-an and IM3 MU24H Packages

IM3 Ce eS-an and IM3 MU24H are the names of two very appealing mobile packages especially for youngsters offered by Indosat Indonesia. The exclusive features of IM3 Ce eS-an are Free SMS-es ce segokilnya to your package, Read more »

Indosat Personal SMS Voucher, SMS Package and Indosat Matrix Packs

It is really exclusive news for Indonesian people to enjoy the wide range of very economical mobile packages offered by Indosat. Indosat Personal SMS Voucher, SMS Package and Indosat Matrix Packs are the names of packages which are being offered to the people of Indonesia. Read more »

Esia Pingin Offers Wi- Fi For Bakrie Customers In Indonesia

Bakrie telecom is not a new name in Indonesia, as the company is operating in the country from many years. Bakrie offers some exciting services for the customers, which enable them to enjoy all the benefits which a cellular company can offer. Read more »

Bakrie Telecom Offers Some Great Services In Esia Package

Bakrie telecom is a well-known company in Indonesia. The company offers a wide range of services for its customers. It includes postpaid service, prepaid service and internet as well. Read more »

Esia Postpaid Service: Bakrie Telecom Offers Two Options For The Customers

A large number of people like to use postpaid connections, no matter what is the company. According to them with postpaid connection, there is nothing to worry about the recharging cards and get disconnected right in the middle of their talk.  Read more »

XL Axiata Super Hemat Plans and Packages

If you want to become the prepaid subscriber of XL Axiata and searching for complete details about prepaid packages and palns, offered by XL Axiata, you are at right place. In fact, XL Axiata offers many cool packages to its prepaid subscribers in terms of really cheap call rates, sms charges and internet charges. Read more »

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