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Belgacom Internet: Packages And Advantages

Proximus and Belgacom are the two names, which represents one of the leading cellular companies of Belgium. The company is considered as one of the most popular cellular companies in the country. Read more »

Proximus Mobile Packs Without Mobile Subscription

Proximus is a well-known name in cellular world of Belgium. The company is doing business and quite popular with its customers. Read more »

Mobistar Belgium: Internet on Mobile Packages

For the subscribers of Belgium, Mobistar has introduced two remarkable internet plans under the banner of “Internet on Mobile Packages”. There are two types of packages fall in this category. Read more »

Mobistar Belgium: Kangaroo, Dolphin and Panther Tariff Plans

The Kangaroo, Dolphin and Panther are no doubt, the names of beautiful and lovely animals, but here we are using these names to depict the exclusive mobile packages offered by Mobistar Belgium. Read more »

BASE: Monthly Plans For Customers In Belgium

BASE is one of those cellular companies, who are providing their services in Belgium. The company is known for the good quality services and more than that it offers packages to suit every budget. Read more »

BASE Prepaid Plans: Making Calling Easy To All Networks

BASE is known for its wide range of packages, which it offers for its customers. The most of the packages offered by the company are all in one, it means it offer calls, SMS and internet data as well. Read more »