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Citycell Offers International Roaming For Bangladesh Visitors And Resident

If you are a citycell customer, you can take the advantage of international roaming service of the company. Citycell offers its services for local people, who want to go abroad and for foreigners, who are visiting Bangladesh for a short period of time. Read more »

Citycell Offers Free SMS Services For Different Platforms

We all send SMS for different reasons, sometimes for business reasons, sometimes for the sake of fun and sometimes to keep in touch with family and friends. Citycell offers free SMS service to many platforms, like Gmail, twitter and face book. Read more »

Citycell Offers Infotainment, News And Much More

We all want some entertainment in our lives. However, everyone is too busy and there is no time to watch TV or listen to music. In this situation Citycell brings infotainment service for its users. Read more »

Use Power SMS service of Citycell and send SMS in bulk

Citycell is a well-known cellular company in Bangladesh. It has a large number of customers, so it offers a wide range of services for its customers. Among other services, Power SMS is considered an attractive service, which can be used for different purposes. Here we are discussing it in detail. Read more »

Citycell Hello Tunes, Gift Shop, Dost and Voice Based Info

If you are the subscriber of Citycell Bangladesh, you cannot live alone in sorrow mood or feel lonely thanks to value added services of Citycell that lead you towards height of excitement and joy. Read more »

Citycell One Packages for Prepaid and Postpaid Subscribers

Citycell that is the pioneer telecommunication company in Bangladesh deals both its prepaid and postpaid customers under the package name “Citycell One”. In fact, Citycell One is different in many respect not only for prepaid and postpaid users, but even only for prepaid users under various plan  names. Read more »

Citycell Zoom Ultra Coverage, Prices, Packages, Offers, Tariff Plan

Citycell is first mobile service provider company in Bangladesh. Its specialty is that, it uses CDMA technology to broadcast its services up to its thousands of users. Citycell has become a reliable name in terms of offering good call rates, sms charges and cheap internet plans. Read more »

How to Set Fnf in Citycell and Check Balance

Citycell, since the time of its origin, is fascinating the people of Bangladesh thanks to its reall cheapest call rates not only among Citycell users, but within other networks as well. the only lacking that is keeping this company one step behind than other cellular companies in Bangladesh is its restricted coverage area. Read more »