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Teletalk Corporate Prepaid & Postpaid Tarrif Plans

Corporate sector of Bangladesh is thriving rapidly and demands of people connected to corporate sectors are changes as per global demands. To stay connected with people within the country and outside the country is one of the key demands of corporate people. Read more »

Comparison Between 3G And 2G Prepaid Internet Plans Of Teletalk

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is offering its 3G Mobile Internet Service with the name 3G Broadband Service. The tariff of 3G Broadband service is different for prepaid users as compared to 2G mobile internet service tariffs for prepaid users. Read more »

Teletalk Postpaid 3G Plan and Mobile TV Service

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a renowned public limited cellular company in Bangladesh. With its particular aim of emphasizing common people in terms of providing high profile services at low rates, it is also famous as “Amader Phone” in whole country. Read more »

Teletalk Prepaid 3G Service Packages

Just after the completion of promise about providing 3G services to its subscribers, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has introduced amazing discount 3G service packages especially for its prepaid subscribers. Read more »

Enjoy Caller Ring Back Tone Service By Robi

Robi is a well-known cellular company in Bangladesh. It offers many existing services for its customers. It is known not only for its economical packages but it also offers some entertainment services as well. Caller ring back tone service is an amazing service by Robi. Read more »

Robi Offers 3G and 2G Internet For Its Customers In Bangladesh

Robi always struggle to offer new services to its customers and that is the reason it has introduced 3G and 3.5 G services in Bangladesh. 3 G service offers a fast speed internet possible and solves many internet related problems. Read more »

Robi’s Exciting Voice Bundle Offers For Its Customers

Robi offers a wide range of services for its customers; not only postpaid but prepaid customers can also enjoy a wide range of services and economical packages. If you are a prepaid customer of Robi, you can take the advantage of voice bundle offers, which Robi has introduced. Read more »

Robi Offers Different Roaming Rates For Different Countries

A large number of cell users want international roaming, as people visit other countries for business, to meet their relatives or just to see the beauty of the world. In this situation, they need international roaming facility. It helps to purchase new packages in an unknown country and one can keep in touch with its family and friends. Read more »

Robi Offers Convenient Business Solution For Business Persons

If you are a businessperson, you need to use your phone quite often. You have to keep in touch with your clients and with your staff as well. Sometimes things become difficult due to expansive packages or complex subscription procedures. Read more »

Listen to News with Grammenphone’s News Service

GrameenPhone offers a lot of services for its customers, which include not just the entertainment and 3 G packages but information services as well. You can also take the advantage of News service offered by Grameenphone. You can get access to different newspapers, online news and TV channels as well. Read more »

Grammenphone Offers Economic Data Roaming And SMS Roaming Packages

Different cellular companies offer different roaming packages for its customers. But, if we talk about the GrameenPhone, it offers different packages for the users, which include basic roaming and data roaming packages. Here we are discussing details of the data roaming package and SMS package. Read more »

International Roaming Packages Offered By Grameenphone

Like all other big cellular companies of the world, Grameenphone also offers international roaming facility for its users. No matter, you are visiting Bangladesh or you are going to some other company, Grameephone will help you to keep in touch with your family and friends. Read more »

Grameenphone Offers Economical 3 G Packages For Its Users

When the whole world is using 3G and 4 G for fastest internet access, Grameenphone is offering it for its users in Bangladesh. Not just the 3G service, but Grameen offers many packages for its customers, and one can choose according to his budget or need. Read more »

Advantages Of Using 3G Offered By Grameenphone

World is enjoying 3G and 4G services, which offer fast speed internet. In Bangladesh, many companies are operating, but GrameenPhone is offering 3G services for the customers. You can enjoy this service, on your tablets and smart phones. Read more »

Citycell Offers International Roaming For Bangladesh Visitors And Resident

If you are a citycell customer, you can take the advantage of international roaming service of the company. Citycell offers its services for local people, who want to go abroad and for foreigners, who are visiting Bangladesh for a short period of time. Read more »

Citycell Offers Free SMS Services For Different Platforms

We all send SMS for different reasons, sometimes for business reasons, sometimes for the sake of fun and sometimes to keep in touch with family and friends. Citycell offers free SMS service to many platforms, like Gmail, twitter and face book. Read more »

Citycell Offers Infotainment, News And Much More

We all want some entertainment in our lives. However, everyone is too busy and there is no time to watch TV or listen to music. In this situation Citycell brings infotainment service for its users. Read more »

Use Power SMS service of Citycell and send SMS in bulk

Citycell is a well-known cellular company in Bangladesh. It has a large number of customers, so it offers a wide range of services for its customers. Among other services, Power SMS is considered an attractive service, which can be used for different purposes. Here we are discussing it in detail. Read more »

Banglalink Users Can Enjoy Local Radio And Priyo Tune Entertainment Services

Banglalink is offering many services for the ease of its customers. That is the reason, it is considered as one of the leading cellular companies in Bangladesh. It takes care of all the needs of the customers, including entertainment. Banglalink offers a lot of entertainment services for its customers but here we are discussing just two of them. Read more »

Bill Payment Is Easy Now With Banglalink

Bill payment is considered a time consuming thing and we all want to avoid it. But, as we use electricity, so we have to pay the bills as well. Bnglalink is a leading cellular company in Bangladesh, and it offers a wide range of services. Considering the problems of the customers, Banglalink has introduced bill payment service as well. Read more »

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