Telus Mobility Pay and Talk Top Up and Plans

Telus Mobility has brought really cheap prepaid package for their subscribers, that is called Telus Mobility Pay and Talk Plan. However, before knowing this, it is necessary to know about Top Up feature of Telus Mobility.

Telus mobility Top Up Plans

Obviously, no one wants to face call drop just due to zero balance. To avoid this disturbing situation, Telus offers an opportunity of keeping your balance up by means of Top Up. Top Up is the feature that raises your credit expiry date by putting some prepaid amount in your account. There are many Top Up plans that Telus Mobility offers to its customers. Here is an overview of these Top Up plans.

TOP-UP                                                               $10               $25 &  $50         $100

Credit expiry

(Credits do not expire if you top up regularly)           30 days            60 days            365 days

Moreover, there are many options to recharge your account via Top Up like Credit card Top Up, Wireless Top Up and INTERAC Online.

Telus Mobility Pay and Talk Plans

Telus Mobility Pay and Talk plans are no doubt, a real treat for the Telus subscribers. However, all these plans become more cool, when you get Top Up plans before using any Pay and Talk plan. By using Top Up feature, you can enjoy least possible rate of Telus Mobility in the form of just 29 cents per minute. Here is the description of all Telus Mobility Pay and Talk Plans. Just get the information and don’t hesitate any choosing the right plan that is suitable to you.

Local airtime $0.40/min on $10 card; $0.33/min on $25 card; $0.25/min on $50 card (per minute billing)
Canadian long distance $0.25/min
American long distance
American roaming N/A
Calls between phones on same pre-paid provider Charged as regular airtime
Unlimited evenings and weekends $25 for 30 days
Minimum cost per month $10.00

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