How to Change Fnf Number and Activate Internet in Grameenphone

Grameenphone, being the leading cellular service provider company in Bangladesh, always tries to accommodate its subscribers with all possible facilities. No doubt, the call rates and sms charges are quite pretty for the users of Grameenphone. But it is also fact that many other mobile companies in Bangladesh are also competing with it in terms of economical call rates and sms charges. However, there are two really beautiful offers that Grameenphone provide to its subscribers in terms of enjoying truly cheapest call rates, bundles of free sms and using larger packet date of internet in minimum charges. These two amazing offers are named as choosing excellent package for getting maximum numbers of FnF numbers and choosing anyone GP internet package according to requirement. Here are the answers of some frequently asking questions.

How to Change Fnf Number in Grameenphone

Before getting information about activation of FnF numbers in Grameenphone, just remember that users of Grameenphone that are enjoying “Bondhu package”, can activate their FnF offer for 7 numbers. Here is the procedure of changing FnF numbers in Grameenphone.

If you do not know the existing fnf numbers then send “f&f” to 2888 to know your existing numbers. Also you can call121 to know these numbers. Post paid users should send “ff” to 2800 to know existing numbers.

Now go to the message option and write the number you want to replace first. Then give a space and finally write the new number. Send this message to 2888.


How to Activate Internet in Grameenphone

Grameenphone offers various ways to activate internet on mobile phone. To activate internet in Grameenphone, just follow the any one of procedure that are here as under.

GrameenPhone Settings

You can configure your handset for EDGE settings in one of the three ways described below:

1. Via SMS Send a text message to 8080 from your handset to receive your handset settings:
* For All handset setting:  Write “All” and SMS it to 8080.
2. Call at 121 Hotline – You can call to 121 Hotline & request Customer Manager for your settings.
3. Manual Configuration – You can configure your Handset Call to 121 Hotline & request to Customer Manager for settings.

Configuration for INTERNET:

For Internet Configuration the following information must be provided in a EDGE or GPRS enable Handsets:
Account Name: GP INTERNET
Access Point Name (APN): gpinternet
Authentication Type: Normal
IP Address/Gateway/Proxy: N/A
Port/ Proxy Port: N/A
Connection type: GPRS/ Packet Data

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